View Full Version : Normal issue on arm

09-08-2011, 08:19 AM
I promise one day I'll stop sucking horribly with normal maps.

See attached images. Why am I suddenly seeing this bullshit on the right shoulder? I've tried tracing my steps backwards but the long weekend has clouded my memory on what I did that screwed up my renders from last week...

I mean, the only thing I remember doing is giving my textures an 8 pixel map border like you guys suggested in my previous thread. That worked brilliantly and it fixed my seams, but somewhere between doing that and now, this happened.

Originally the Arm UV's had one arm pointing up and the other down. Figuring that maybe the normals needed them both pointing the same way (Hey, I just started guessing and checking... don't judge me) I switched them so they were both pointing the same direction.

I noticed that the left side seems to be darker than the right side of the normals. Is that causing an issue? Why is that even happening? I even made it to the UV's for the head and chest weren't diagonal and tried mirroring the normals down the center, but that didn't work either. Again, just started guessing and checking.

Thanks in advance for your patience as yet another growing artist fights his way through the wonderful (read: frustrating) world of normals. I'm looking forward to P&P'ing this one day with a good write up on what I learned.

PS: I know there are errors with the normals where the nails are. It's on my to do list.