View Full Version : Maya to MD3

09-05-2011, 11:30 AM
Okay, this is driving me nuts. I looked everywhere to no avail and decided to ask here since some of the oldbies might still hang around this place and hopefully remember something about that old, obscure format.

In other words, I modeled a character in Maya '11 and want to export her to Quake 3's engine. Sadly, all known routes of doing that have at least one obstacle blocking each:

- Maya doesn't have any ASE exporter besides Unreal's ActorX which doesn't care about animation or rigging for that particular format.
- Blender doesn't import FBX.
- Porting a DAE from Maya to Blender results in an empty scene for me.
- No direct MD3 exporters out there for new Maya. (obviously)
- Won't try porting through Max until I'm sure it will actually work.

Am I that much out of luck here? If anyone still knows how to work this thing out, tell me step by step. I beg of ye.