View Full Version : UDK shader help request

09-04-2011, 05:34 AM
Hi people, I am in need of some help
So I came up with a neat idea for a shader effect that I am now trying to implement, I want to have a screen effect that shows a 3d model.

to explain what I mean there are 3 aspects to this

1 complete building (3D model)
1 half complete building (3D model)
1 Screen (plane with shader)

the screen is placed infront of incomplete building.

Player moves about looking at the screen

Complete building dissplays exactly over the Incomplete building only on the screen (special flat 3d screen)

So player moves to the left, looks at the right hand side of the building, the screen maches up etc.

My idea is to have the incomplete model in the level in question
Have a seperate room that is set to a self iluminated walls set to green (green screen effect for transparency). Within this room have the complete building and a render to target actor.

RTT actor is then linked to position and rotation of the player and is updated, for the most part this works fine, I get a green outline to the building but going to work on that one as it shouldnt be too hard and is to do with AA and lighting etc.

however the renderd complete building is not aligning up with the level building.

I have then tried a static capture and mess around with the camera vecotr / position / reflection vector and havnt been able to get what I am after.

I know its a bit complex and if people need can upload some pictures however I am unsure how usefull they would be

Thinking about it, its partialy like an xray machine but instead of projecting a flat image (the position of the bones in an xray dont move when the person viewing them is moving) its showing an updated image depending on the players location.