View Full Version : Crocodile-1st model for my reel ...need help and inputs

08-30-2011, 02:09 AM
Crocodile-1st model for my reel ...need help and inputs
Crocodile-1st model for my reel ...need help and inputs
Hi all....It was an awesome journy for me with Zbrush for last 2 and half years and now I think its time to make my turnarround reel.
I will be trying in both CG and Gaming industry, and the first model I choose to do is a Croc.
The reason of choosing it , because it is organic , animal, insane ammount of detail and total inspiation of Mr. Cajun Hylton GUSTAV from Primeval.
OK the intro part is done.
Lets come to question part.
I am using an I7 extreme with 12GB ddr3 ram qudro machine.
And the maximum division I am geeting for a mesh is arrounf 5.5mill without touching the default memory settings.
But it is extremely important to have high poly div to get such crisp details.
Here is the link :

I will keep on posting every bit of my updates as I start modeling as rt now am in R&D stage.
It would be a great help if u guys can give ur valuable tips suggestions and feedback.
Thank u all and happy zbrushing

08-30-2011, 04:11 AM
This should be in the Pimping and Previews area. But on topic that is one awesome crocodile!