View Full Version : Making new weapons

08-14-2011, 06:26 AM
I have some troubles understanding the process of adding new weapons.

I know how to replace weapon in CSS or Orginal TF2 weapons.
There is v model, there is w Model and there are animations.

But I saw that all new weapons are some kind of c_ models.
After decompilation there is no v or w models. There are no hand or player model in here. Some weapons have more bones some has less.

Can someone tell me more about it?

I know how to create hats for hattles classes but have no idea how make ones for classes that are already wearing one.

I would really like to know which bones I should use in weapon creation and from where I can take some reference. Replacing original weapons is very easy. I have all. v, w models and animations. I have all needed bones and so on.