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  • Archive for the ‘News’ Category

    A big update for the popular normal map tool [...]

    1:19am Apr 16th by Sean VanGorder

    A new contest from Torn Banner Studios [...]

    2:46am Mar 24th by Sean VanGorder

    Handplane’s next update will shift to freeware [...]

    3:21pm Mar 2nd by Sean VanGorder

    Thunder Cloud Studios has a great looking tool for generating and controling hair from polgons [...]

    12:00pm Feb 26th by Mark Dygert

    Juan “Monster” Martinez¬†wrote a MaxScript to help create overall gradient maps for models [...]

    8:51am Feb 17th by Mark Dygert

    It’s Bradley “professorPoly”¬†Wascher’s birthday today but YOU actually get the gift of free courses [...]

    5:03pm Feb 12th by Mark Dygert

    Mixamo’s newest software has been officially released. [...]

    11:54pm Jan 26th by Sean VanGorder