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  • Archive for the ‘News’ Category

    Thunder Cloud is looking for beta testers for Geo Maya Hair v2.6 [...]

    10:22pm Mar 27th by Mark Dygert

    An early look at upcoming shader tools [...]

    1:59am Feb 12th by Sean VanGorder

    We have yet another contest for you to potentially participate in. This one is a bit smaller than our previous ones. We have a meet up coming up for GDC and we want to give out awesome t shirts. [...]

    4:17pm Jan 16th by r13

    Thiago Vidotto has produced a series of tutorials and guides for use in creating items for the Dota2 workshop. [...]

    5:46pm Nov 28th by r13

    Peter K goes over an interesting work around to fix details that normally skew when baking normal maps [...]

    2:00am Nov 26th by Mark Dygert

    Some of the artists from ubisoft have started an art dump for Assassin’s Creed Unity [...]

    10:00am Nov 24th by Mark Dygert