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  • Archive for the ‘News’ Category

    9:32am Sep 22nd by Eric Chadwick
    7:49pm Sep 18th by r13

    A great new resource for aspiring world builders. [...]

    2:25am Aug 22nd by Sean VanGorder

    Arron Dabelow has been busy cooking up a killer debris making script for 3dsmax [...]

    11:28am Aug 8th by Mark Dygert

    A free event from Pixologic [...]

    12:52pm Jul 28th by Sean VanGorder

    R3DS (Russian 3D Scanner) has released v2.3 of Wrap Iterations, their standalone retopology tool [...]

    8:09am Jul 25th by Mark Dygert

    Gamasutra announced the results of their 2014 salary survey [...]

    11:17am Jul 22nd by Mark Dygert

    ArtByPaperCut (Vertex Magazine) has a sexy new site, you should check it out [...]

    3:16pm Jul 8th by Mark Dygert