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    Created, maintained, and contributed to by professional videogame artists, Polycount was founded by Andrew ‘r13′ Risch on April 1st, 1998 along with his good friend Ted ‘bearkub’ Shockey. It was originally known as the Q2PMP, as its first purpose was to store and showcase Quake 2 plug-in player models. In 2007, long time member Adam Bromell (circa 1999) joined the Polycount Team as its Principal Editor to help grow and develop Polycount as a complete resource for videogame artists.

    The heart of Polycount is the forum. Notoriously honest in critique, our community of professional and hobbyist artists have been posting, collaborating, and helping each other like no other 3D art website since Polycount began back in 1997. If you’re looking to improve your skillset, learn new tricks or techniques, or just have an opinion on all things videogame art, be sure to check out the forum.

    In May of 2010 the site was updated to augment the forum with regular updates curated by our editors. This ‘Polycount Update’ brought exclusive InterviewsArticles and Tutorials as well as reports from the rest of the 3D community. We do our best to report news that we know you will find useful, entertaining, or engaging.

    This relaunch was kicked off with a new contest exclusively for Valve’s Team Fortress 2 called the ‘Polycount Pack’. It was a 5 week contest that yielded some amazing entries and highlighted the talent of the Polycount community. The winners had their artwork released in a massive Team-Fortress 2 update, the Man-conomy Update, where the winners earned an average of $45,000 from the first week of their items being on sale. Read all about the contest right here.

    With over 50,000 contributing professionals or hobbyist game artists and some 3 million views a month Polycount truly is the videogame art resource & community. Our mission is to provide 3D videogame artists the best resource for 3D news, discussion, and community. Every decision, update, and move we make internally is with our community’s best interests in mind.

    The polycount crew

    Drew ‘r13′ Risch Co-founder, Co-owner, Editor
    Adam Bromell Website Architect, Principal Editor, Co-owner
    Seth ‘cheeseplus‘ Thomas Server Administrator, Co-owner

    Sean VanGorder Editor
    Eric Chadwick
    Wiki Editor

    Forum Moderators:

    Joe ‘EarthQuake’ Wilson
    Mark Dygert
    Jesse ‘skankerzero’ Sosa
    Justin Meisse
    Robert ‘r_fletch_r’ Fletcher
    Christopher ‘Geezus’ Zdana
    Thiago ‘tvidotto’ Vidotto
    Dustin Brown
    Brent ‘bounchfx’ Ladue